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The non-profit behind the Museum of Sticks & Stones is Mettlesome. We've been building innovative solutions for some of the worlds gnarliest social issues for more than twelve years.

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Meet the team

We're a small but mighty bunch working towards a more human internet, reducing hate, and building empathy and peace in all aspects of society.


Chief Pats Officer · He / Him

Zinger is our resident Chief Pats Officer and largely in charge of office morale. He can regularly be found napping under desks or chewing his way through the latest copy of The Economist.

Dr. Priyanka Naidu

Wellbeing Designer · She / Her

Priyanka has a background in research and teaching in psychology, and wellbeing resource development. She is passionate about making mental health education more accessible.

Through her work, she has created resources that share evidence-based practices to support health and wellbeing, goal-setting, behaviour change and confidence building. Priyanka’s work combines her experience as a researcher with her passion for supporting mental health practices.

At spur: Priyanka’s role is focused on the research and development of a range of resources, tools and solutions to improve outcomes through behaviour change, learning and development and access to resources.

William Smith-Stubbs

Chief Executive Officer · He / Him

With a decade of experience in strategy, research and analysis, William has consulted to some of Australia’s largest governmental organisations and some of the world’s largest non-profits.

An active social commentator, Will regularly speaks at conferences and on television and radio about social change and technology.

William is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and Davos Annual Meeting panelist, a Gates Foundation Goalkeeper, G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit Australian Delegate and the Digital Brisbane Ambassador to Berlin.

William was also a founding Global Talent for the UNLEASH Innovation Lab in Denmark 2017 and a Talent Facilitator in Singapore, 2018.

Susie Lee

Executive Assistant · She / Her

Our resident organisation expert. Susie is a soon to be graduate with a Bachelor’s of Business (Management) and Bachelor’s of Communications (Professional). Her passion for people and her desire for improvement is what allows Susie to drive herself. She believes that with the power of people, teamwork and an open mindset, we can all grow together.

A born and bred Brisbane-ite, she’s an adventure seeker who will never shy away from new experiences. When Susie isn’t keeping the ship running smoothly at spur:, she is also the VP for the QUT Tennis Club and Corporate Liaison Officer for QUT AMPed. In her downtime, you can find her baking or running around on the tennis court.

Feda Adra

Chief Business Officer · She / Her

Feda Adra is a business and industry leader driven by an entrepreneurial mindset, and strong desire to achieve towards “the greater good".

Feda has driven innovative approaches to community care, whilst leading extraordinary organisational growth.

Passionately committed to collaboration, Feda established strong industry and cross-sector connections enabling strong collaboration to find game changing services and products to improve the health and wellbeing of communities.

Feda has lived in the Sunshine Coast since 1995 and has led for purposes organisations providing services to youth, aged care and disability for over 20 years.

An optimist who continually challenges the status quo to bring novel solutions from concept to reality. This has enabled delivery of game-changing products, services and initiatives that enhance the health and wellbeing of communities, and the viability and sustainability of businesses.

Urusaro Trisha Rwagaju

Museum of Sticks & Stones Project Lead, Design Strategist · She / Her

Trisha is passionate about the use and power of storytelling, representation, and cultural exchange for tackling complex social challenges.  She is deeply invested in social justice, mental wellbeing, and the creative arts; she has worked on corporate, non-profit, and government sector projects in these topics. Trisha has worked across a range of fields and roles in her career, starting to as a geological chemist and progressing to social impact, innovation, community development, and the creative and performing arts.

Trisha combines artistic practice, scientific method, and data analysis in her work, including holding an Honours Class 1 in Geological and Earth Sciences, and several accomplishments in the arts as an established performer and creative producer.

Vivian Vu

Marketing Specialist · She / Her

Vivian is passionate about marketing and the way that creative storytelling can empower the world - and has made it her mission since her early age. She has been an inspirational ambassador for Study Brisbane and Brisbane Marketing, working with international students to help them make sense of new and unfamiliar lives in Australia.

Vivian holds a Bachelor of Business, Marketing & Advertising and International Business - and a secret Instagram account full of her favourite homemade dishes. Vivian prides herself on building authentic relationships and conversations, and crafting meaningful communications that truly move people to make the world to be a fair, sustainable and well place.

Benjamin Moriarty

Financial Officer · He / Him

Motivated by an interest for all forms of social enterprise, Benjamin is an experienced financial administrator having overseen financial functions in a wide variety of organisations.

He is passionate about driving outcomes over simply reporting figures and a focus on sustainable initiatives to create social impact.

With a background in both management and analytics he has driven both social and commercial outcomes to a range of clients ranging from start-ups to multinational corporations.

Project Values

The following principles guide Sticks & Stones. They do not exist in silo, instead are deeply symbiotic.


Humanity is deeply rooted in empathy and storytelling. It grows when nuance and perspective is appreciated. It delicately balances human imperfection with accountability.

Humanness is a prerequisite for each of the other values.

Humanness icon


Frankness speaks truth to power and holds up a mirror to the world. Frankness isn’t brash—rather it confidently crosses divides to foster conversations that might otherwise go unsaid.

Frankness is an instigator of openness and change—and never takes itself too seriously.

Frankness icon


Trust is created through connection, transparency, safety, and vulnerability. With trust, political divides soften—conversations more understanding.

Trust narrows the gap that frankness seeks to cross.

Trust icon


The project must demonstrably improve people’s lives through reducing harm produced and experienced.

Impact is created through a clear focus on outcomes, clear measurement, and an understanding that the desired change is human behaviour.

Impact icon

Who we're trying to shift

The below framework helps identify who Sticks & Stones primarily aims to engage, that is 'those whose are somewhat susceptible and willing to change their views and actions'.

The Sticks and Stones diagram explaining who the organisation is trying to target and change


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