Hate is human - but humanity is built on common ground.

The Museum of Sticks & Stones is dedicated to helping us all find the human in one another, through art, play, history, & education.

Understanding our shared humanity

Hate may be a human emotion, but it doesn't define us. At the Museum of Sticks & Stones, we believe that the best parts of humanity is connection to others. Discover how art, play, history, and education can help us understand the roots of hate, disagree better, and build stronger communities built on empathy.

We offer a space where a range of perspectives can meet, fostering understanding and dismantling the barriers that divide us.

The Museum of Sticks & Stones is more than an idea - it's a collective action. Join us a Curator and receive special tools and invitations, and make change in your own community.

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The words 'Making humanity more humane.'

The MoSS Story Project captures and shares what it means to be human.

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Everyone has a story.

The MoSS Story Project is a library of real stories, from a range of backgrounds and experiences, that illustrate what it means to be human. From encountering hate online to realising you were being trapped in a comment flame war, each story is a unique snapshot of the human experience - that may just feel all too familiar.

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As we develop new research and tools, we like to share the lessons we're learning along the way.