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The Parley Unplugged

Mar 26, 2024
Future of Hate and Harm

In the last episode of The Parley Unplugged,  host Ashwin Segkar sits down with Trisha Rwagaju, Project Lead of the Museum of Sticks & Stones, for an unfiltered exploration of the "Future of Hate & Harm.

Trisha shares her personal journey, rooted in childhood experiences of diversity and inclusivity, offering a profound perspective on the intricate ways hate and harm have morphed over the years. Together, they also envision a future where empathy triumphs over animosity. What's the grand vision of the Museum of Sticks & Stones and The Parley in shaping a more harmonious future? - Tune in to discover and be part of the ripple effect of change that starts with understanding. Don't miss out – join this candid conversation now!

The Parley Unplugged

Mar 13, 2024
Your Brain on Hate

In this week’s episode, we sat down with Dr Priyanka Naidu, Wellbeing Designer of Mettlesome and Museum of Sticks & Stones. We find out how and why we react to online harm and hate, and gain insight into how we can better navigate stressful encounters. “As soon as someone attacks that [important worldview and values] we’re programmed to defend ourselves”. Tune in to episode 5 to learn more!

The Parley Unplugged

Feb 27, 2024
The Art of Respectful Debate

Prepare to engage your intellect as we introduce two formidable debaters from previous The Parley events: Ashwin Segkar, a renowned comedian and radio presenter, and Dan Axelson, Director of Corporate Development & Strategy Management at Mater Hospital.

In this episode, Ashwin and Dan share their captivating experiences from their time at The Parley, where they immersed themselves in our thought-provoking debate format. Join us as we explore the transformative power of The Parley, delving into our approach to tackling challenging topics that fosters an environment of respect and kindness; ultimately prompting us all to rethink the way we shape our perspectives on difficult topics.

The Parley Unplugged

Feb 6, 2024
Cancel Culture on The Internet

Recorded at The Parley Debate Event in July 2023, this episode is all about the hot topic of Cancel Culture online.

What defines cancel culture and how has it evolved? How does it impact public figures versus everyday individuals? Is cancel culture an effective tool for social justice? How might things be done differently? And the ultimate question: Should Cancel Culture be cancelled?

Our two debate teams go head-to-head in a fiery discussion, dissecting the complexities of publicly condemning inappropriate behavior online. As with most complex topics, it’s usually not a simple yes or no answer. Grab your headphones and buckle up for an exhilarating ride to find your own answers! Hit play now and join the conversation!  Don't miss out on this eye-opening exploration of Cancel Culture!

The Parley Unplugged

Jan 22, 2024
Woke Internet - Live Recorded at The Parley Debate Event

What is wokeness, exactly? Where did it come from? And is a woke internet a better internet? How do we build an internet that works for everyone?

Delve into the heart of wokeness and the internet with this live episode of The Parley Debate Event, recorded in March 2023 - with an ensemble of debators including academics, artists, comedians, and everyday people.

This episode undercover the internet’s amplification of woke culture and its ties to movements and identities, yet also enflaming digital battlefronts.

In a world where multiple digital identities can be assumed, the debate navigates the fine line between unity and separation.

So, is a woke internet truly a better internet?Join us as we recap the insights from our debaters, contributing to the evolution of a more human internet.

The Parley Unplugged

Jan 9, 2024
Why Hate Is Human | William Smith Stubbs

The Parley Unplugged follows the popular live debate series, The Parley, and delves even deeper.

In the first episode, host Ashwin Segkar sits down with William Smith Stubbs, CEO of the non-profit behind Museum of Sticks & Stones, for a candid conversation. William challenges us with a bold statement: "Hate is human." Join us as we unpack the layers behind this assertion, exploring how we all contribute to the spectrum of hate. Tune in to this eye-opening episode and discover whether William's perspective resonates with your own journey!

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