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An electrifying evening where thought provoking, engrossing and sometimes uncomfortable topics will be debated as we seek to uncover common ground.
The Parley presented by Sticks & Stones is a series of debate events, as part of our flagship effort to combat hate and harmful speech online. Online conversation will be brought to life by debaters inside the extravagant and elegant Talbot Theatre. Join us as we explore the vastness that is the internet in what will be a thought-provoking and electrifying evening!
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The Parley: Woke Culture & The Internet

The ‘woke era’ has given us much needed awareness of social issues and a stronger sense of social justice.

More than ever we are aligning ourselves with social causes, identities and values, however, sometimes these issues collide, creating conflict over ‘higher ground’ especially in digital spaces.

When taken too far, online arguments devolve into shaming and pile-ons by online vigilantes – the digital equivalent of a puritanical, pitchfork-wielding crowd. Learning to understand the other human being on the other side of the screen and to communicate without spiraling into harm creation could be key to improving the way we all speak and understand. So join us as we help you and each other to find uncommon ground, right here, at The Parley. Stay tuned!

Why do we feel hate? And what do we do about it? How can you make change yourself? Our Field Guide can help show you the path.
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