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The Sticks & Stones Playbook: A Guide for change

Urusaro Rwagaju
March 1, 2024

For the first three years of our operation,  Museum of Sticks & Stones has been focused on improving people's understanding of the impacts, experiences, and origins of harmful content in digital spaces.

This downloadable Playbook is our internal guide a on how we have gone about to affect change in online experiences.

Whilst MoSS has grown, to encompass not only online experiences, but those we all live offline too, this download is our play by play internal guide of frameworks, musings, ideas, and approaches that we have used whist considering how best to tackle online hate and harm.

One of our earliest documents, The Playbook not only scopes out the problem we were looking to solve, but also our values as an organisation in tackling these such complex multifaceted challenges.

Although our organisation has grown, and our areas of focussed have expanded - The Playbook remains as one of our fundamental documents that reminds us of some of the core ideas and strategies we use to this day when looking to build a more kind and tolerant society for all.


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